Japanese noodles show no sign of slowing down their relentless march toward the mainstream here in the United States. While ramen has been available in American supermarkets for decades, it has only in the last 5-7 years been widespread enough to be considered a good option for a gourmet lunch. And while many Americans know the taste of a hot bowl of Tonkotsu or Shoyu ramen, far fewer are familiar with Soba or Udon, noodles that may be served either hot or cold, often provided on a platter to be enjoyed by dipping them in flavorful broth.

Sitting kitty-corner from another EFS member location, Mimimyunga is a Japanese-Korean fusion fast-casual hole-in-the-wall with a large variety of seafood themed fare. Mimimyunga captures the complex taste of soba and udon served both hot and cold, and transports diners to a place between modern and traditional. Mimimyunga’s udon and soba are served in broth, not on the traditional platter, which imparts a deep flavor to each noodle.

Mimimyunga offers 3 different coupons on their Elephant Foot Stamp card – 1 Free Egg topping for your first visit, a free can soda for 5th stamp and finally, a free tempura topping on your 10th stamp. Enjoy the wonderful food and chic atmosphere of Mimimyunga, all while collect stamps and earning rewards.

Be sure to check out Mimimyunga at the California Marketplace on the top floor!

450 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 545-4696

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