Elephant Foot Stamp wants to welcome to venerated La Taquiza to our growing family. La Taquiza has been a staple for the USC community for decades, attracting customers from all over to join in the joy that is a traditional Mexican cuisine. La Taquiza specializes in mulitas, a type of loaded quesadilla, but not just any regular ingredients will do. The al Pastor at La Taquiza is exquisite and will keep you coming back for that next mouthwatering bite.

La Taquiza is conveniently located near USC and is within walking or biking distance. It is also located near another of Elephant Foot’s newest member stores: Pot of Cha! Make sure you collect your La Taquiza coupon from Pot of Cha before visiting so that you can get the most out of your dining experience.

You can earn a free Taco with your purchase on your very first visit here. Loyal customers will also be rewarded with 2 free Tacos on their 5th visit and a free Combination platter on their 10th visit. Make sure you are one of those lucky ones to get this screamin’ deal.

La Taquiza is located at 3009 S Figueroa St. near USC, so make sure you drop by and start getting your stamps! Also make sure you check out their Facebook and Yelp pages for more information!

La Taquiza
3009 S Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

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