Now that’s a dish you don’t see every day! With the rising popularity of Japanese food in the United States, many are bound to have at least come across Hamburg Steak, a fusion dish originating in Japan that deconstructs the American-style hamburger, ditches the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions, and instead serves the thick beef patty on a bed of rice with delicious brown gravy. Spicy pickled chilis and onions are often served on the side for a little kick. A cozy little eatery in Koreatown does things differently.

Tokyo Hamburg serves their Hamburg Steak only seared on the outside, providing a very hot stone for diners to cook their own meat how they like. Diners can use the provided knife (unecessary for the extremely tender patty) to take pieces and grill them to sizzling perfection. Tokyo Hamburg also has a wide variety of fantastic appetizers to enjoy with your meal. Being in Koreatown, and also being open late at night, Tokyo Hamburg serves the thirsty masses with Japanese sake as well as Korean rice wine (Makgeolli). All in all, Tokyo Hamburg is a fantastic place for modern Japanese cuisine.

Tokyo Hamburg has recently started using Elephant Foot Stamp, giving out coupons for FREE appetizers, 2 FREE milkshakes (or Makgeolli if you are over 21!), and finally Any Menu Item for FREE after 15 stamps.

Make sure you drop by Tokyo Hamburg in Koreatown, LA and give it a try. Find it on the corner of New Hampshire and 6th.

Tokyo Hamburg
600 S New Hampshire Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90005

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